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Royal Louis XV hanging corner shelves from Saint-Hubert and Rambouillet

Pair fine and rare Louis XV bois satiné and amaranth royal hanging corner shelves - étagères en encoignure. Each is marked with the crowned “R” inventory mark of the château de Rambouillet and the number “55”, and the cancelled number “2200” from the château de Saint-Hubert.


They were part of a set of six, originally in the château de St. Hubert, a hunting lodge built for Louis XV, where they are described in an inventory made in 1762 under number 2200. [Cabinet 2200… Six gradins de bois d’amarant et rose a placage a quatre tablettes avec chacune leur porte tablettes de cuivre poli monte de vis de 9 pouces sur 28 a 30 pouces de haut. (013316)] “Six tiered shelves in amaranth and rose veneer with four shelves each with polished copper supports mounted with screws, 9 inches by 28 to 30 inches in height.”


During the reign of Louis XVI, they were sent to Rambouillet, a grander hunting lodge, that Louis XVI tried to make more pleasing for Marie Antoinette. The “R” mark and the 55 are from inventories made at Rambouillet in 1788. They were described as being in the Logement No. 4, Cabinet Interiure de la Reine (the cabinet intérieur is the apartment reserved for the personal use of the Queen and her ladies-in-waiting) and that they hung in the garde robe (the wardrobe).


Ex collection: Château de Saint-Hubert (Louis XV)

                     Château de Rambouillet (Marie Antoinette).

   By repute, Madame Jacques Balsan


Height (ins.): 29 ¾      Length/Width (ins.): 14     
Origin: France, circa 1760     Period: Louis XV



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