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Sevres Chinoiserie pink ground cup and saucer
Sèvres cup and saucer (tasse litron et sa soucoupe) with Chinoiserie subjects on pink ground and ribbon painted celadon ground borders. The saucer has a celadon ground border decorated with cerise ribbons twisting around a gilded line and a celadon ground circle enclosing a nosegay of flowers on white ground in the well; a wide band portrays Chinese figures in landscapes on a pink ground. The cup is painted with a ribbon border on celadon ground over a frieze depicting Chinese figures in a landscape on a pink ground. [Slight wear to gilding in the well of the saucer and the rim of the cup.]

Height cup - 2¼" (5.7 cm.)

Diameter saucer - 4¾" (12 cm.)

Crowned crossed L mark (hard paste)
Date mark on cup – “Z” 1777

Painter’s marks – “LG” Louis-Antoine Le Grand
                             “LC” (Possibly) Liance

Height (ins.): 2¼" (5.7 cm.)      Length/Width (ins.): 4.875" (12.4 cm.)     
Origin: France     Period: Louis XVI



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