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Magnificent Louis XV Table  la Bourgogne

Magnificent Louis XV Table à la Bourgogne. The beautifully formed table is superbly marquetried with flowers on a rare light ground, most likely holly. The top folds open to reveal a writing surface. The rear interior rising section is released by catches and contains five spring loaded drawers with a small pull out easel for a book. There are two side drawers.

Attributed to:I.P. Latz

The table is marked underneath in ink: “725P”, from the 1811 inventory made by the French in the Imperial Palace of Parma. This reads in translation:

“725 A small writing and work table in exotic woods with arabesques and two side drawers; it is covered on the inside with black leather, and five drawers with a little silver spoon. Larg 50 Long 75” (The piece was found in bedroom n.92.)

See: Il Patrimonio Artistico del Quirinale: Gli Arredi Francese: AlvarGonzález-Palacios Electa; Milano, 1996. Page 341


Another later Parma inventory mark found underneath a drawer has not yet been traced:



Ex Collection: The Infanta Louise-Élisabeth, the Duchess of Parma,

                          (the daughter of Louis XV)

                         Jacques Helft (Sold 1946)

    Edulji or Bachoo Dinsha (Sold 1951)

Height - 28 ¾"                         Width - 30 ½"                    Depth - 20"

Height (ins.): 28 "      Length/Width (ins.): 30 "      Depth (ins.): 20"
Origin: France     Period: Louis XV



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