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Algardi fallen Christ on original base
Gilded bronze statuette depicting Christ Falling under His Cross by Alessandro Algardi (1598-1654) on its original ebonized base with silver mounts. The exceptionally well chased figure captures the moment Christ stumbles on his way to Calvary, losing his grip on the Cross. The superb original base, clearly made to embrace the piece, is of ebonized wood with finely chased silver mounts. The ormoulu Cross [repaired] is possibly original, since it has mercury gilding, devotional wear and the original fastening screw.
A similarly well chased version, also on an ebonized base and used as a devotional object is in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. It was exhibited in Life and Art in the Baroque Palaces of Rome in 1999.

Height - 8" (With Cross 10") 

Height (ins.): 15.25      Length/Width (ins.): 13.25      Depth (ins.): 9
Origin: Rome, 17th century     Period: Baroque



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