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Large terracotta figure of Mars
Superb large terra cotta figure of  Mars.  The god of war, clad in a helmet and cuirass with leather lambrequins at his shoulders and a skirt of leather lambrequins below, leans on a tree trunk in a relaxed contrapposto with a cloth draped over his left shoulder, as if contemplating the sad results of a recent battle. He gazes pensively downward and to the left. He holds his sword delicately with his right hand; his left forearm, no longer connected to his defensive weapon, rests on his shield. [Small nicks and chips to the base. Sword repaired.]

Dated on the rear: 1733.

Ex Collection: Loewi-Robertson; Los Angeles, 1979.

(In a verbal communication with Loewi-Robertson, it was stated that François Souchal, the great French sculpture expert, felt that this was a preliminary bozzetto by Guillaume Coustou for the figure of Mars that was paired with Minerva at Les Invalides. The final versions show the figures seated; they were executed in marble and installed in 1735. Small terra cotta models are in the Louvre. Photos of the original stone head of Mars show many similarities with the head on the present terra cotta. The final version also depicts Mars in a non-warlike pose, but still with his sword and shield.)

Height (ins.): 43.5 (110.5 cm.)      Length/Width (ins.): 16 (40.6 cm.)      Depth (ins.): 11 (28 cm.)
Origin: France     Period: Regence



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